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Dear value visitors i offer private local cambodia tour by A/C Taxi, Tuk Tuk and A/C Van for any trip inside of cambodia.

This site is for visitors seeking the best tour of Cambodia, and without paying a fortune.

Our group offers private tours of Cambodia, from a simple or detailed tour of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s major city, through tours of various sites and parts of Cambodia, either those recommended by us or chosen by you, or both. Our prices are similar to other tours, and often less for tours of the same areas. While we recommend a tour using air-conditioned vehicles your tour can be by motorcycle if you prefer.  Tours in rented vehicles without a driver who has knowledge of the countryside, the customs of the country, and differences between customs of different areas, can produce local problems, and disrupt your trip. If you are driving and get into an accident, the police often judge guilt as by the largest and/or most expensive vehicle  and any accident between a foreigner who is driving and a Cambodia is almost always treated as the fault of the foreigner. With our skilled and knowledgeable drivers, who speak the language and know the customs of different areas you need only to relax, observe, and enjoy your trip.

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Destination -Phnom Penh and Local Area.


  CAR  5 Seats

 VAN 15 Seats  TUK TUK 4 Seats
  Phnom Penh Airport Pick Up    $12    $23    $8
  Phnom Penh city tour per day    $40    $55    $20
  Visit Toul Sleng museum & Killing Field    $30    $40    $15
  Phnom Udong round trip    $50    $60    $30
  Tonle Batie round trip    $45    $55    $30
  Phnom Chiso round trip    $60    $70  
  Tonle Batie, Phnom Chiso, and Phnom Da    $110    $140  

Phnom Penh Shuttle Service:

 Places   CAR 5 Seats   VAN 15 Seats
  Phnom Penh - Siem Reap    $80    $145
  Phnom Penh - Battambang    $80    $145
  Phnom Penh - Koh Kong    $85    $150
  Phnom Penh - Sihanouk Ville    $65    $125
  Phnom Penh - Kep    $60    $115
  Phnom Penh - Kompot    $55    $110
  Phnom Penh - Kratie    $85    $150
  Phnom Penh - Kompoung Cham    $60    $110

* The accompany you by English speaking driver / guide A/C car Lexus, Highlander and Van, include petrol and toll


- Phnom Penh Airport Pick Up ( $12 )

From Phnom Penh airport to down town or from dow town to Phnom Penh airport is $12.

- Phnom Penh City Tour ( $40/Day )

< First Day >

Start early morning to visit Royal Palace with its classic Khmer roofs and ornate gilding and the Silver Pagoda inside the Palace is name in honour of the floor, which is covered with more than 5000 silver tiles weighting 1 Kg each after go to Toul Sleng Museum which serves as a testament to the crimes of Khmer Rouge and head to the Killing Field where had been killed between 1975 and 1978 about 17,000 men, women, children and infants who has been detained and torture. and than spend some times at Russian market a maze of stalls selling everything textiles and handicrafts, DVDs and cut-price clothing and than back to hotel.

< Second Day >

At morning with a visit to the caltural splendours that are the National Museum and What Phnom is on the only hill in town and many people are come here to pray for good luck and sussess in school exams or business affairs and head to Mekong Island where there is a cottage industry of silk weavers after that take a look at funky aechitecture of Centre market and than back to hotel. the tour will be flexible.

The price is $40 per day A/C VIP car Highlander or Lexus 5 seats. $55 A/C mini Van 15 seats include petrols and  parking. Accompany you by fluent English speaking driver/guide.

- Phnom Udong Round Trip $50

Udong ( the Victorious ) served as the capital of Cambodia under several sovereigns between 1618 abd 1866. The main attractions today are the two small hump of Phnom Udong, which have several stupas on them. Both ends of the ridge have good views of the cambodian countryside dotted with innumerable sugar palm trees. $50 A/C car Highlander, Lexus 5 Seats. $60 A/C Van 15 Seats. $35 TukTuk 4 Seats, include petrol and parking. Accompany you by fluent English speaking driver / guide, friendly and the best experience.

- Tonle Batie Round Trip $45

Tonle Bati is collective name for a pair of old Angkorian-era temples and a popular picnic area.

- The laterite temple of Ta Prohm was build by King Jayavarman VII (r 1181-1219 ) on the site of an ancient 6th century Khmer shrine. Today the ruined temple is surrounded by colourful flowers and plants, affording some great photo opportunities.

- Yeay Peau temple, named after King Prohm's mother, is 150m north of Ta Prohm in the grounds of a modern pagoda. Legend has it that Peau gave birth to a son, Prohm. when Prohm discovered his father was King Preah Ket Mealea, he set off to live with the king. After a few years, he return to his mother but did not recognise her and, taken by her beauty, asked her to become his wife. He refused to believe Peau's protests that she was his mother. To put off his advence she suggested a contest..for the outcome of this legend. $45 A/C car Highlander, Lexus 5 Seats. $60 A/C Van 15 Seats. $30 TukTuk 4 Seats include petrol and parking. Accompany by fluent English speaking driver / guide friendly and the best experience.

- Phnom Tamao Wildlife Resue Round Trip $55

Phnom Tamao is a home for anymals conflscated from traffichers or save from poachers' traps. It accupies a vast site south of the capital and its anymals are kept in varying comdition that are rapidly improvinf with help international wildlife NGOs. Spread out as it is, feels like a zoo crossed with a safari park. The way things are moving, Phnom Tamao is set to become one of the region's best-run animal sanctuaries in the coming years. $55 A/C car Highlander, Lexus 5 Seats. $65 A/C Van 15Seats. $35 TukTuk 4 Seats, include petro and parking. Accompany by fluent English speaking driver / guide friendly and the best experience.

- Phnom Chisor Round Trip $60

A temple from the Angkorian-era is set up on a solitary hill in Ta Keo province, offering some superb views of country side. The main temple stands on the eastern side of the hilltop. contructed of laterits and brick wirh carved lintels of sanstonds, the complex is surrounded by partially ruined walls of a 2.5m-wide gallery with windows. Inscriptions found here date from the 11th century, when this site was known as Suryagiri. the wooden doors to the sanctuary in the centre of the complex, which open to the east, are decorated with carvings of figures standing on pigs. Inside the sanctuary are statues of Buddha. $60 A/C car Lexus, Highlander 5 Seats. $70 A/C Van 15 Seats. $40 TukTuk 4 Seats, include petrol and parking. Accompany by fluent English speaking driver / guide, friendly and the best experience.

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